1 In a mid-length shot, a man is sitting on a river’s edge. He is fishing. He is facing us, and he isn’t moving : he just moves his fishing rod, or pulls fish from the river. The background is plain white. Year: 1930
2 First background change.
Some men appear, they put up a tent. Year: 1941
3 Second background change.
Some men appear, they put up many tents.
Year: 1942
4 Third background change.
The background is filled in with buildings and army cabins. Year: 1943
5 Fourth background change.
Behind the man, the background is completely filled in. There are airplanes, etc.
Airplanes are flying across the sky.
Year: 1945
6 The noises get softer, and the background begins to dwindle. Year: 1950
7 The background begins to look like a ghost town. Year : 1955
8 The background is rusted and tattered.

9 The background comes back to life.
The noises come back too, but calmer, more serene. Year: 1965
10 A city comes back to life in the ghost town.
11 A character puts up a flag in the middle of the city.
Year : 1996
12 A sign appears, and reads « Iqualuit. »

13 Finally, the fisherman stands up, turns around, and scratches his head.
Year: 2006