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From the Original Plan to Reality: Where is Nunavut Today?

In Chapter Ten, John talks us about the progress since the creation of Nunavut, the elements that still need to be improved, particularly the lack of jobs, and the solutions considered. He explains the advantages and consequences of the decentralization of government powers, which has also taken place in the Government of the Northwest Territories. He speaks of Iqaluit, which is now a very cosmopolitan city, and the tensions that exist between Inuit and non Inuit. He underscores the role of new technologies, which are an important element in the decentralization plan, and of the ways they have profoundly changed the work of government employees. They also make it possible to end the isolation of communities. As well, John explains why he did not stand in the first territorial elections, and the reasons he had for standing in the elections that followed. Last, he talks about the low representation of Inuit in the Government of Nunavut and the slowness of the Government to move certain files ahead, particularly as concerns, Inuktitut and the adoption of new legislation on education.